cycling across Korea day 4: Chungju to Mungyeong

riverside road

Today’s riding started on a road with sort of narrow shoulders. It’s hard to complain when the scenery looks like this though.


Most of the riding today was on country roads. There weren’t a lot of cars though. Some sections were still icy even though it wasn’t actually that cold.

map of this section of the ride

There’s a couple of hills to climb today according to this map.

rest area in the middle of the climb

By mid-day I was pretty tired and I had a couple of climbs to get through. Thankfully there were some shaded rest areas that broke up the climbs.

view from the top of the climb

The climb out of the valley felt like it took forever. I was pretty exhausted by the time I got to the top.

gatorade in Korea tastes different

Thankfully there was a rest area at the top of the climb that had a small store and restaurant. I stopped for a Gatorade and ice cream to celebrate getting to the top of the climb. I think this was the toughest climb of the entire trip and I was glad to get it over with.

the day’s ride

I rode less mileage today since there was some major climbing. I was pretty tired by the end of the day. Thankfully I ended up in a hot spring resort town, so I think I’ll spend some time in the hot springs to recover.

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