cycling across Korea day 3: Yeoju to Chungju


Today I felt like I was really in the rural heart of Korea. I don’t think I saw another cyclist all day. I did see some tanks though. I think the bicycle path passes through a military training area. There are some big guns here, though thankfully none were aimed at me.

rural farming area

Today’s riding had a bit varied terrain compared to the last couple of days. I passed through some large valleys, some had tanks and some had farms.

scenic section along a river

There was still a lot of scenic riverside sections though.

nice river crossing

I continue to be amazed at how amazing the bicycling infrastructure is even though I appear to be the only person using it out here. This bridge had cool bicycle railings and there’s great signage everywhere there’s a turn so I haven’t needed to pull out my map or smartphone for pathfinding.

bicycle/pedestrian bridge over a marshy area

Even though the roads are not very well traveled out here, it seems like they spent a lot of money to keep cyclists and pedestrians off the road.

cold sketchy section

There was, however, one section where I had to bike in the shoulder of a road. It was kind of sketchy because there was still snow in the shoulders.

fish ladder

Not sure if these are dams or locks, but I passed a few of these today. The part in the foreground appears to be a fish ladder.

passport stamps

My bicycle passport has been filling up with stamps quite nicely. I think this is my third completed page.

making progress

I rode a bit over 50 miles today. I think I’m about a third of the way to Busan.


For dinner today I had kalbi-tang, beef rib soup. I’m starting to feel sore in my legs so I’m hoping the beefy, bony, brothy goodness helps me recover a bit.

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