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For those who read this blog on a regular basis (all two of you), it’s probably pretty obvious that I don’t post very often about my family. I think the last post about family was from Christmas, when I went hiking with my parents. On that day I had resolved to go on a trip with my family, and this week it finally came to pass.

the vehicles

We decided to go camping at Convict Lake. My parents recently bought an RV, so this would be a good chance to use it.

devils postpile

We decided to take a trip out to Devil’s Postpile.


Devil’s Postpile is pretty amazing–when you hike to the top of the rock formation you can see that the rocks are all hexagon shaped. It’s almost like hiking on a tile floor.

family pic. first one in like a dozen years

We hiked around the park a bit and took our first family camping picture in at least a dozen years.

rainbow falls from the base

We also went hiking to Rainbow falls.


My mom really wanted to go to Death Valley, so we took a side trip to Death Valley. It was quite hot there– 112 degrees when we arrived, and it hit 116 during the hottest part of the day.

photo 2

My brother and I spent a good amount of time fishing, but we didn’t catch anything. We could see the fish and dropped our bait right near their mouths, but still couldn’t get a bite. Apparently we suck at fishing.

photo 4

Part of the reason why my family went camping here specifically was to visit the hot springs nearby. My parents are huge hot spring fans, and they really liked these Eastern Sierra natural hot springs. In fact, the main reason why my family got into camping in the first place is because of hot springs– we would take family trips to Grover Hot Springs park when my bro and I were kids. Nowadays my parents still go to Grover Hot Springs, though they usually stay in a hotel in Reno or Carson City. But actually now that they know about these natural hot springs, they might be spending more time near Bridgeport instead now.


The great thing about camping with my parents is that they do all the cooking. Typically when I go camping with friends I get stuck on grill duty (though in truth I actually kinda enjoy it anyways…) But it’s nice just stuffing food in my face without getting smoke in my eyes.

convict lake

One last family picture at the lake before leaving.

It was nice spending time with my family. I honestly don’t spend much time with them nowadays, so it was nice to spend half a week with them relaxing in the great outdoors. I think now that they have the RV we might end up doing it more often.

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