the subway

Zion National Park is one of my favorite places. It’s home to spectacular hikes, including Angel’s Landing, the Zion Narrows, and the Subway. These three hikes form an amazing trilogy of hikes, a trilogy that for me was finally completed this weekend, almost exactly three years after first hiking the Narrows in 2010. I did this hike with my old high school buddy Tim, who also did the Narrows a few years back with me.

IMGP4240The hike to the Subway starts high above a steep river canyon.

IMGP4243First order of business is hiking down the steep slopes of the canyon walls.

IMGP4259Once you get to the bottom, there’s not really a trail– you spend most of the time finding your way along the river, sometimes walking right through the river.

IMGP4334At times scrambling over boulders.

IMGP4371Or squeezing between them.

IMGP4285Sometimes jumping off of them.

IMGP4394And sometimes walking underneath overhanging ledges.

IMGP4375Along the way there is some beautiful scenery, including these red rock steps.

IMGP4409The water carves some interesting features into the solid rock.

IMGP4436The most interesting and famous of course, is the Subway, the end goal of this hike.

IMGP4429It’s a quite popular spot for photographers.

IMGP4440There are two ways to hike the Subway– the bottom up approach that we did is apparently the easier way. It dead ends here. The top down approach starts several miles up on a higher part of the river, and requires several rappels, including this one right past the subway.

IMGP4455After taking a few pictures we started our hike out of the canyon. I felt pretty beat up after the hike, and my whole body was sore when I woke up the next morning. It was definitely a difficult hike, but definitely worth it. It’s hard to do justice to this hike with words and pictures, it really is an amazing hike, I think it definitely needs to be experienced in person, and I was glad to have finally gotten to experience it.

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