lassen peak revisited

This weekend I went to Lassen National Park with a few friends. We left Friday after work and got into camp pretty late at night. The campground was pretty crowded and the campsites were pretty close together, so I guess we were a little too loud for the people around us who were trying to sleep.

a glimpse of manzanita lakeManzanita Lake. It’s a pretty nice lake, and apparently they have kayaks available for rental.

the view from joe's trunk.

On Saturday we drove into the park to hike the Lassen Peak trail. There were six of us, so I ended up in Joe’s trunk. If you ignore my hairy knee, the view from the trunk was actually pretty nice.

IMGP2748All smiles in a pleasant meadow. I guess they don’t realize yet that they’d be hiking up that big peak behind them.

starting up the mountainThe start of the hike.

lots of snow still on the trailThere was still a good amount of snow on the trail.

the steps to the ridgeThe steps before the beginning of the ridge section.

nearing the snowy summitThere’s still a ton of snow below the ridge.

the final climb up to the peak from the craterThe final climb to the peak from the crater.

chilling at the peakChilling at the peak, just over 10,000 feet above sea level.

my new facebook cover photoMy new Facebook cover photo.

IMGP2836We saw a lot of beautiful sights throughout the day, but probably the most beautiful to me was the spicy hot pot dinner when we got back to camp.

IMGP2841This was the weekend of the perigee moon, the biggest full moon of the year. I had brought my telephoto lens to take a supermoon picture, but by the time I took my picture the moon was already pretty high up in the sky, so it looks like any regular full moon shot.

On Sunday morning it had started to rain so we ended up packing out and heading home early. Even though the trip ended earlier than expected, it was still an awesome and fun filled weekend.

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