hat creek

My friend Joe and I have been talking about doing a fishing trip to Lassen for a couple of years now. We finally made it happen this weekend.

IMGP2620We went to Hat Creek in the Lassen National Forest.

hat creekJoe caught a pretty nice sized trout. Todd caught a pretty nice trout. Ray caught a pretty nice sized branch. I caught pictures of all of them, but not much else.

hat creek1We had our own Cinco de Mayo celebration, pretty much eating tacos of different kinds all weekend, along with fresh salsa.

IMGP2517Near our campsite was a cave called Subway Cave. It literally looks like a subway tunnel, but amazingly it’s a natural phenomenon caused by lava flows.

IMGP2556I ended up sleeping in my hammock both nights. It was cold and windy, and our campsite was pretty close to the main road, and we could hear trucks driving past all night. So it wasn’t the best conditions for sleeping. But for some reason I slept really well during the trip.

IMGP2569Sleeping in a hammock has its benefits. You can stare up at the stars while in bed.


I’m a pretty terrible fisherman in general, but I still had a lot of fun. And I learned a lot about how to fish creeks this weekend from Joe and Todd. And it was nice and relaxing just being outdoors underneath the stars. It’s been way too long. I’m already looking forward to being outdoors again.

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