Spring seems to have come late this year. Actually, I take that back. Maybe spring has come at the same time as usual. I don’t really know. But this year I’ve come out of my winter hibernation later than usual. There’s a number of reasons why. I came back from Europe in February with something weird that my doctor had prescribed antibiotics for. And my bike was stolen. Both I suppose are legitimate excuses for not exercising. But in truth I think the main reason is inertia.

Wikipedia defines inertia as the resistance of any physical object to a change in its state of motion or rest.

In winter time, I am pretty much at rest. Not much biking or running. So I’ve found that when spring time rolls around, there’s a good amount of inertia. There’s a good amount of resistance to change in my state of rest. I just want to continue resting, even though I know I should be training for the various running and biking events that I plan to do throughout the year.


This past Sunday I ran my first 5k of the year in Modesto. I hadn’t done much training for it, so I was pretty out of shape.

Screenshot_2013-03-24-08-35-53The technology for these races is amazing nowadays. Literally just a minute after I crossed the finish line, I had an email with my official time. I had just barely cracked the 30 minute mark– I ended up being way slower than the eight and a half minutes per mile goal I had set for myself.

IMG_20130324_075735At the end of the race they had chocolate milk and bananas. They make quite the tasty combo, and apparently it’s a pretty close to optimal post workout meal, at least in terms of the ratio of carbs to protein.

Fullscreen capture 442013 50201 PMInertia works both ways. Objects at rest tend to wanna stay at rest, whereas objects in motion tend to stay in motion. Or at least in an ideal world that would be the case. I have slowly started to gain momentum and inertia in my workouts, hopefully I can keep it up. The MapMyRide app actually helps out a lot in keeping me moving. It tracks both runs and bike rides, and it shows meaningful statistics on all of them. What I really need is more friends using the app, so they can keep me accountable. *hint* *hint*

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