through the arch

One of the cool things about Europe, in my opinion, is the architecture. There’s a lot of really old architecture, and arches are pretty prominent in a lot of that old architecture. So anyways, as sort of a photographic assignment I tried to frame random subjects in arches.

IMGP0852I think arches are cool, and apparently so does this random stranger.


Some of the pictures kind of turned out crappier than I thought they would, like this one from Vysehrad castle. I thought it would work, with the arch framing the scene, and Prague Castle in the distance framed by the branches in the trees. But it’s not quite as cool as what I had in my mind.

IMGP1062This arch was located at the top of the Prague Astronomic clock. It seems like it was put there on purpose to frame this church.


I thought this was some sort of archaic toilet. I was wrong. Apparently there used to be a statue here, that’s why there’s an arch and pedestal.


Through this arch there’s a cafeteria with my name on it.


The king’s final resting place, underneath an arched ceiling.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe gardens at Schonbrunn castle had an arched trellis that looked pretty cool, though I imagine they’d be a lot nicer in the spring when all these plants are in bloom.

IMGP1343Brno had a lot of arches too, though unfortunately there was a lot more graffiti on them.

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