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I didn’t notice until this morning when I was about to leave for work that my bike was missing. (There are usually two bikes on this rack.) I looked around the house and found that the side door was open. I never use that door, it’s always locked. And the sliding door in my sunroom was open.

Fullscreen capture 2202013 73545 AMSo apparently there’s been somewhat of a crime wave in Davis this month. And apparently my house was broken into while I was in Europe. I don’t have a lot of valuable stuff, probably the most expensive stuff I own are my cameras and my bikes. And none of it’s super duper expensive stuff, the most expensive stuff I own is maybe a thousand.

I had most of my electronics with me– since I was traveling, my phone, my tablet and my cameras were with me in Europe, so I guess the only thing left to steal was my bike or maybe my TV. The thing that sucks is that bike’s probably the only thing that had some sentimental value. I’ve ridden a lot of miles on that bike, and had some crazy adventures on it. It’s the bike that brought me home on a thousand mile trip from Seattle.

When I got home from work I filed a police report. The police officer that came over said that there’s a decent chance of them recovering the bike. Apparently most bikes that are stolen in Davis are ditched pretty soon after the theft. So I emailed the Davis PD pictures of my bike so that they can identify it if it’s found.

What’s interesting is that apparently the police pretty much know who is responsible for this wave of burglaries in Davis. In the South Davis area it’s some punk kid (well okay 22-25 year old male isn’t really a punk kid) on a skateboard. The officer I spoke to said that they even know where he lives, but they need to catch him in the act.

So anyways, hopefully they catch him in the act, and hopefully my bike is recovered. I have been shopping around for bikes though, and there’s a dealer in the south bay that has a big closeout sale on 2012 bikes. They have a nice carbon fiber Cannondale with Sram Apex (pretty much what I’m looking for) for $1300. Even if I buy this bike though, it’d be nice to have my trusty Specialized Tricross back. There aren’t a whole lot of bikes I know of that can handle a long distance touring ride that are still fast enough to use for century rides.

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