snowy swan song


For the last full day in Prague our plan was actually to spend it outside of Prague. I had wanted to go to a concentration camp called Terezin, which was about an hour bus ride outside of Prague. But when I woke up and looked outside the window and saw that it was snowing pretty hard, we decided to stay in Prague and take it easy instead.

IMGP1225We ended up revisiting some of the areas that we had already seen. The Charles Bridge looked completely different underneath a blanket of snow.

IMGP1231From the bridge you could barely see the castle through the snow and fog. Good thing the statue pointed towards it.

IMGP1237Hot wine. I really liked this stuff, it tastes kind of like a cross between an apple cider and a sangria, and the fact that it was warm made it an awesome complement to a snowy day.


We saw some sights that we hand’t seen earlier too, like the Lennon wall.

IMGP1247We decided to walk up Petrin hill to see the tower at the top of it.

IMGP1290But as we got near the top we found it was too slippery, so we decided to take the tram instead.

IMGP1250The tower actually doesn’t look all that tall from the top of the hill.

IMGP1267But it felt pretty tall as I climbed the several hundred steps to the top.

IMGP1261There was a nice view of the castle from the top of the tower, with just enough visibility. So after three days in Prague I’ve come to realize that pretty much everything in Prague has a view of Prague Castle. I’ve probably taken hundreds of pictures either of the castle or in the castle.

So with this snowy day my time in Prague comes to a close. In the morning Jack flies back home, and I am heading to Brno for one night, on my way to Vienna, where I’ll stay for a few days before flying back.

During my time in Prague I learned a few Czech words. When I bought that cup of hot wine I learned how to say cheers, which is na zdraví. I learned the word for beer, pivo, because well that’s pretty much what Czech people seem to drink with every meal, since it’s cheaper than water. And somewhere along the way I picked up thank you, which is dekuji.

So let me finish my time in Prague with these parting words. My Czech swan song, if you will.

Na zdraví, Prague, it’s been fun. I enjoyed the pivo. Dekuji for the memories.

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