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One of the small benefits of my work is that I have access to a locker. Once in a while I’ll bike into work, so the locker holds toiletries and a towel for me to take a shower and change into work clothes. And I have a set of running clothes and shoes in the locker in case I ever feel like going for a run during lunch or after work.

IMG_20130104_104306Today the locker was opened for the first time in over four months. My excuse is that the weather’s been crappy, but in truth I’ve just been lazy.

IMG_20130103_114734The locker was opened today because I decided to shrug off my laziness (also the weather’s been nice lately) by going for a run at McKinley Park. Ironically I drove the half mile to the park, so I guess the laziness hasn’t worn off completely…

Screenshot_2013-01-03-12-23-14With my new phone I have a reliably working GPS again (GPS was kinda flaky on my old phone), so I’m able to track my runs. Today my goal was to run three miles, but I ended up being lazy (that darn laziness again) and ran just two. It’s kinda humbling using the MapMyRun app because it shows how slow I run. I guess it couldn’t even really be considered a run, since it’s slower than a ten minute mile pace. It’s more like a waddle, which I guess is fitting since McKinley park is full of fat waddling ducks and geese.

Anyways part of the reason I went for the run was that I’ve actually made resolutions this year. I did some research on resolutions and decided that the best way to make my resolutions manageable was to have them be numbers. It’s the easiest way to measure success. Plus I figured I’ll post them here so that people who read this blog can keep me accountable. (That is, if anyone actually reads this crappy blog of mine…)

So anyways here are the numbers I’ve decided on for the new year.


The number of speeding tickets I’m shooting for this year. I had zero for the first three and a half years with my Subaru, then I got three in the last few months of 2012. Speeding tickets are a ridiculous waste of money, so zero would be nice.


I am going to try to finish at least one multi sport event in 2013. The ultimate goal is a triathlon, but I may get lazy and do a duathlon (Granite Bay apparently has a fun looking mountain bike and trail running one) if I can’t get my swimming to the level needed for a triathlon.


Two times per week or less is the number of times I’m going to try to eat out for dinner in a typical week. Partly it’s to force myself to eat healthier meals at home, and partly it’s just to save money for travel. This obviously is for when I’m in town, it goes out the window then I’m traveling.


For the last three years it’s been my goal to do three century rides per year. This year I’m going to up it to three century rides and three running events. It’s mainly because century rides are kind of easy nowadays, I don’t really need to train that hard for them anymore. I basically can be a fatty for the entire month before a ride (I call it extended carb loading) and still finish a hundred mile event. Running is a bit harder for me, so I figure if I sign up for runs I’ll be forced to train.


To force me to continue using all my expensive camera equipment, I’m going to continue posting 7shots blog posts, meaning I’ll need to take (or at least edit in Lightroom) at least seven pictures every week.


That’s the number of chapters in the New Testament. I’m going to read them all. Since I’m a pretty bad procrastinator, I might be a hermit during the last week of December, scrambling to read all of the New Testament in a week.

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