selected cellphone shots

P1030631Today I received my new phone, a Google Nexus 4. I ordered it in November and it finally arrived today, 5-6 weeks later, just as promised. My first impressions of it are that it’s a really nice phone, but I am a bit worried about the durability of the device. I shattered the glass on my previous phone, which was supposedly a ‘rugged’ phone, waterproof and supposedly drop proof, since the front screen was covered in Gorilla Glass. This new phone is covered with glass on both the front and the back, plus it’s huge, so I’m worried that it will shatter pretty easily. But hey this is Gorilla Glass 2, it’s new and improved, right?

Maybe. But I’m not going to risk it. I’m going to try to keep it out of harms way. Because my previous phone was supposedly pretty durable, I had no problems taking it with me everywhere, even snapping pictures in the middle of bike rides with it. But this new phone will be sitting safely in my car on any bike rides, skip trips, or backpacking trips (places where I’ve destroyed previous phones), and I’ll bring my truly rugged Stylus Tough camera instead.

So anyways, since my venerable old Motorola Defy is being retired, I copied over all the pictures from it onto my computer for safe keeping. I took a surprisingly decent amount of pictures with it, over 1600, which amounts to about 100 per month. So for this week’s 7shots I looked through those pictures and found some of my favorites. It’s actually quite fitting for an end of the year post, since it remind me of some of the random events of the last year and half.

IMG_20110923_203942As expected, there were a ton of food shots. This steak was quite the experience. It was a huge 3 pound rib eye, and it comes on this huge platter, which is wheeled in on this specially made cart and carved with a huge butchering knife by the waiter. It was quite tasty too, still by far the best steak I’ve ever had.

IMG_20111008_204153Another crazy food experience. The Pho King challenge at Hoa Viet.

IMG_20120713_140413My first experience with foie gras, from a gourmet food cart in Portland.

2011-09-03_11-53-48_381There were some travel photos too, although most of the time I bring my SLR when traveling. This was from the Reno Rib Cookoff. I think I look pretty decent in a cowboy hat. Maybe I should buy a cowboy hat, move to Portland, and open a cowboy Korean barbecue food cart…


A lot of pictures from the camera were from various biking adventures. This one was kind of an interesting adventure.

IMG_20120430_110745The Motorola Defy was supposedly waterproof, so I’d sometimes take pictures when rafting or biking through creeks.

IMG_20120407_103608I used it to take pictures of my biking wounds too. There were way too many pictures of wounds, I’m not too sure what to make of that fact… I guess it means I’m a pretty crappy biker…

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