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This Saturday Trek bicycles had a bike demo day at Granite Bay. These demo days are pretty fun, especially the ones at Granite Bay. The trails are relatively easy at Granite Bay, so more people can come out and ride, and there’s plenty of things to do at Granite Bay so it’s nice to spend a day there.

A lot of the fellowship came out to demo bikes, but unfortunately they ran out of mountain bikes, so only five people ended up on the trails, the rest of the group rode road bikes.

We made it a bit farther on the trails this time. I think this is my favorite stretch of trail at Granite Bay– the scenery is so nice out here, with a nice view of the lake and the big meadow on the western side of the lake.

There are some big boulders in the meadow.

We ended our ride on the beach. The “nude beach.” We, of course, kept our clothes on. No one stripped down to their birthday suits. I would imagine mountain biking nude would lead to awful chafing…

Afterwards we had a barbecue at the picnic area at Granite Beach.

Bulogki tacos. I tend to grill this for larger groups nowadays, because it’s relatively cheap yet satisfying.

Thanks everyone for the birthday cake and for all the birthday wishes via email and text. I’m seriously thankful for all the friends I have, and for all the memories over the years. I’m super introverted and terrible at keeping in touch with people, so it never ceases to amaze me that I have such good friends.

Afterwards we drove around on the beach. It’s seriously fun since there’s a huge wide open space.

The Impreza (especially the WRX and STI versions) were bred for rally, so it’s nice to kick up some dirt or sand every once in a while… My car didn’t look quite this cool on the beach, but it was still massive fun.

Final shot– Subarus during golden hour. We banged up the undercarriage of both cars pretty badly on the way out here.

I made it through mountain biking and football without a scratch, but somehow bloodied myself up while taking a picture. Lame.

For the past few years I’ve always celebrated my birthday at the same time as either Gid or Dho. This year we went out for Applebee’s in the evening for Gid and my birthdays. I guess as we’re getting older we’re getting cheaper (or I guess more practical.) We ended up ordering all of the 50% off appetizers.

Things I’m thankful for:

  • Friends, and another great year of memories because of them.

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  • November 6, 2012 at 5:31 pm

    I wish there were less rocks on the beach. We could’ve went even faster and maybe some drifting. Happy birthday!


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