On Black Friday this year there were some great deals on Pentax camera equipment– there were incredible deals on most lenses and all of the current camera bodies. I was quite tempted to upgrade to the newer K-5 or K-5 IIs, but decided to hold off on buying a camera body, at least until the results of the camera contest that I entered are up. I figure, why buy a camera if I have a chance to win one for free?

I did end up buying a fish-eye lens, which more or less brings my lens collection to near completion (at least for my purposes.) With the addition of this 8mm fish-eye I have every focal length covered from 8mm to 300mm. The only lens left that I want to buy is a 500mm super telephoto for bird and wildlife pictures, the only problem is these lenses are super expensive, and I’m not sure if the amount I shoot justifies purchasing such an expensive lens.

It’s a problem that I have in general– I have a lot of photography stuff, but don’t really use it often enough. My SLR, which I’ve had for almost four years now, just barely crossed over the 12,000 shutter actuation mark, which comes to only 3,000 shots fired per year. So I decided that I should use the stuff I have before buying anything new.

In light of this goal, I decided to start a series on here called 7 shots. I’ll try to post 7 shots every week, with a theme each week. The theme could consist of a photographic theme, such as shooting all 7 with the same lens, or restricting myself to a certain focal length or f-stop. Or it could be just any random theme, really, like food or wildlife or crazy cats.

The idea is somewhat like the daily photo projects that some of my friends do, except that I know that I am far too undisciplined and lazy to take on something that requires effort every single day. I figured 7 shots in a week is manageable, I could take them all on one day if I happen to be lazy. Or actually I could cheat and not take any new pictures at all, and edit one of the thousands on my hard drive. Most of those pictures were taken before I had Adobe Lightroom, so it might be nice to take some of my favorite old pictures and re-process them and re-post them.

The goal of this is to continue taking pictures and editing them, hopefully becoming a better photographer in the process. And also it would get some use out of the lenses that I don’t use as often, maybe learning how to get creative with them. And I’ve spent a ton of money on this hobby over the years, hopefully using my camera more will justify even more spending… I have what’s called LBA, lens buyer’s addiction, I have it quite bad. At least using some of these lenses will hopefully take some of the stigma away from this horrible addiction.

So anyways, without further ado, here are my first 7 shots. Because it’s so close to Thanksgiving, probably the most gluttonous time of year for most people, this week’s theme will be food. I recently bought a micro four thirds camera, and with the 14mm (28mm equivalent) lens on it, it makes for a nice food camera. So all my shots this week were taken with that combo.

Tofu has a very fine texture to it. I think it’s a good way to test out a lens, if your lens doesn’t focus correctly you probably wouldn’t be able to pick up the subtle texture. I guess this lens did okay. The camera sensor could be better though– there’s a good amount of noise in the shadows…

Egg puffs. The 14mm f/2.5 lens (my sole m4/3 lens) focuses relatively close, and it’s decently sharp even wide open. For $200 I’m happy with it.

Lately I’ve been trying to cook more and eat more vegetables. That means I spend a lot of time chopping stuff.

My mom gave me an old clay pot. This is my first attempt cooking with it–pork belly with bok choy. The secret ingredient for this dish is coca-cola.

Ever since Mount Whitney I’ve come to love skin on salmon fillets. The skin is quite beautiful and crisps up nicely on a hot iron skillet. I used to buy skinless salmon fillets, but I’ve learned the error in my ways. Crispy skin on salmon makes it soooooooo much better.

Sometimes I eat in front of the computer. It’s kinda dark in my computer room, and it shows the weakness of my camera in low light situations. You can see a lot of noise in the shadows, even with a hefty amount of noise reduction in Lightroom.

Last shot of the week. I was too lazy to cook so I went out and took a picture of some fruit from my lemon tree. Yes these are lemons, though they look like pomelos.

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