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The last few months have been quite expensive for me and my Subaru. I’ve had all sorts of different car related expenses– a parking ticket (missed the meter maid by less than a minute), a moving violation (my first in four years), traffic school (what a load of crap), and an expensive repair (somehow my AC compressor blew out during the middle of summer right before a long drive to Yosemite). My car is due for some more major expenses soon, the biggest one that’s on the horizon is its 90,000 mile scheduled maintenance (gosh I can’t believe I’m getting close to 90k already). I began to think that maybe it was time to trade in my car and get something new.

Today I received my second set of Subaru badge of ownership stickers. I actually forgot that I ordered them. I stupidly put my first set on my computer monitor, so a few weeks ago I decided to order a second set for my car.

This new set of stickers reminded me of all the crazy adventures that my car made possible. I looked through some old pictures and found some of them…

Five guys, five backpacks full of winter gear, five sets of snowshoes, and a rifle. Good times.

First open water dives in Monterey.

Lots of good times mountain biking.

And also skiing and snowboarding.

Sometimes it’s just chilling on a beach.

Crossing streams– this first one was kinda scary.

Buried in a foot of snow during a snow camping trip.

Sometimes the car gets filled to the brim for car camping. Five people, a cargo rack, and a trunk full of gear on crazy steep mountain road– no problem for the beastly blue Subaru.

And sometimes it’s just me and the Subaru on a patch of muddy road, a perfect spot to watch the sun go down.

This is beginning to sound like a Subaru commercial, so I guess I’ll finish with an actual Subaru commercial.

Thank you. I love my Subaru.

So uhh, I guess I’ll be keeping it.

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  1. I just got my badge of ownership on Saturday! Hopefully I’ll have a lot of awesome experiences with my Impreza too 🙂

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