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In general I try to spend as little money as possible on home furnishings. I tend to spend a good amount of time away from home anyways, and nowadays I don’t entertain much, so I never really cared what my furniture looked like. My house was filled with mostly non matching stuff that I inherited when people left Davis, along with random stuff I either dumpster dived for or found for cheap on Craigslist or at garage sales.

This month I inherited some stuff from Sam and Stanley, who moved out of their apartment in West Davis. Sam finally graduated and moved back to socal, and Stanley ended up moving into a smaller place close to campus that was mostly furnished. The stuff that they gave me was pretty decent, so I decided that I would finally be able to turn my house from the hobo hut that it was into a somewhat presentable bachelor pad.

I inherited a pretty decent couch. I ended up buying some shelves from Ikea to fill out an entire wall of my living room.

It was 109 degrees that day… and it wasn’t that much cooler inside my house since I pretty much never run the air conditioner. I felt like I was assembling my Ikea furniture inside of a sauna.

They also gave me a pretty nice dining table and matching chairs, which hopefully will be put to good use, because I plan to cook and eat more at home…

I came back from the road trip feeling really tubby. I think I gained a good ten or fifteen pounds during the trip. So since coming back I’ve been trying to cook healthier stuff– more whole grains (doesn’t look like it, but that’s brown rice), more veggies (kimchee counts as a veggie right?), and more fish and poultry instead of red meat. At this point I could stand to lose a good thirty or forty pounds– so hopefully eating like this would help.

Since it’s my bachelor pad, I decided to dedicate parts of my house to stuff I enjoy. One wall is for cycling. My goal is to fill out this wall with bike jerseys. Since I decided I’ll only buy jerseys if I’ve done a ride three times, it’s going to take a while… This year I’ll be buying Napa and Davis century jerseys, in addition to the ugly yellow one from the Santa Cruz Strawberry Fields century.

I decided to dedicate another wall to travel and photography. These pictures were in my room, I decided to move them out to the living room. It’s going to take a few more years of traveling and shooting pictures to fill out this wall too…

Putting the pictures up was an excuse to use some of the cool tools that I have…

The laser level came with these cool glasses that shield me from red lasers… Pew Pew– can’t touch this… Haha it was all pointless though, because the batteries were out on my laser level and I was too lazy to go out and buy some. I ended up just using a normal level and a pencil to draw a line on the wall. The old fashioned way of doing things still works pretty well.

I have this big empty space that I don’t know what to do with. Originally I was planning to tear out the carpet in this area and put in laminate flooring. After pricing out the materials (the flooring would’ve cost about $1,500) I decided to save the money for a trip to Europe or Asia instead.

So uhh…. if anyone’s getting rid of some nice chairs and a table, let me know… Or better yet, if you know anyone who’s getting rid of a pool table, let me know…

Things I’m thankful for:

  • Friends who give me their old furniture
  • After looking through the picture on my wall, I realize I’m thankful for all the friends that I’ve traveled with and who’ve gone on all the crazy (and sometimes stupid) adventures with me…

3 thoughts on “home sweet home”

  1. ten or fifteen pounds!? i think i only gained two or three…

    maybe you should steam vac your carpet now that you have all that space?

  2. haha yea… around 10 pounds i think… i pretty much ate non stop in portland and seattle… yeah i’ll probably steam clean the carpet one of these days, or maybe find a cheap rug to throw over the old stains.

  3. You have a bachelor pad now????!!!!
    Ah, i should’ve read your blog earlier. I knew someone who was trying to get rid of their pool table. i’ll ask to see if they still have it.

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