kid’s day

Today my work had it’s annual kid’s day. This was my first time seeing it, since I was out on vacation last year. I was expecting it to be super boring, just a bunch of bored kids sitting in their parent’s cubicle. Instead I found that my work has just about the most awesome kid’s day imaginable. My work deals with a lot of law enforcement agencies, so they were able to bring in some local agencies to do demonstrations for the kids.

Folsom PD brought in their mounted horse unit. One thing I learned. Don’t stand behind a horse. It smells back there…

The Sheriff’s department brought in their bomb robot.

The SWAT team even brought in their armored truck.

The K9 unit brought in two of their dogs, a German shepherd and a Dutch shepherd. I’ve always been scared to get near a K9 police unit, but found that the dogs were super friendly. They couldn’t do any of the normal tricks, like shake hands or roll over, but that’s totally fine because they can do awesome tricks like take down suspects and sniff out drugs.

I was by far the biggest kid there, but I still had a ton of fun.

Things I’m thankful for:

  • Law Enforcement Officers– The men and women who put their lives at stake for public safety.
  • My job. Sometimes I think it’s really boring (well actually it is, because I’m just a computer geek)– but at least the agency I work with does some cool and useful stuff.

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