dannie and annie

One of the best friends I ever had was one that never spoke a single word to me. But then with the best of friends sometimes words aren’t really needed.

They say dogs are man’s best friend. I think that’s true. They’re everything you’d want in a friend. Dogs are incredibly faithful and loyal. And even without the ability to speak, they seem to be able to both communicate their feelings and understand your feelings.

They say a pet takes after it’s owner. I think that’s true too. My dog Dannie was pretty much the dog form of me. He was pretty chill, often lazy, and a bit tubby– pretty much how I would describe myself. He was happy lounging around at home. He would sit at my feet while I read, and I would warm my feet on his fluffy white fur. But he loved being outdoors too, he would enthusiastically pull me along whenever we went for a walk on the bike paths near my house.

I remember one of those walks in particular. Dannie would take leaks every once in a while, marking his territory–nothing unusual for a dog. On that walk I had to take a leak, perhaps I had drank too much tea or something. So I looked around to make sure no one was nearby and then marked my territory on a bush while Dannie waited patiently. Afterwards he looked into my eyes and I looked into his eyes. Right then a moment of clarity and understanding existed between man and dog, unlike anything ever heard of before in history.

He died not too long after that. He had started to develop epileptic seizures. I took him to a vet who prescribed some medicine for him. It seemed to work in preventing the seizures. But then it seemed like he didn’t really like taking the medicine. I would put it in his food, but I would often see the tablet left. (That’s kind of like me too, I avoid taking medicine if at all possible.) One day I guess he had a particularly bad seizure. I returned from dinner with some friends and we found him drowned in my pool.

Dannie had a sister named Annie who we also owned. She lived at various times in Davis and in San Francisco. For a while she lived with my brother in Davis. Later she lived in San Francisco at my parents’ place. In her old age she started to get cataracts in her eyes, and later she started to get deaf too. This week I got a call from my mom that she had passed away.

When I heard the news I felt pretty bad. The last part of her life was pretty sad. Unable to see or hear, she spent her remaining days on my parent’s tiny porch. Sometimes she would get her head stuck in between the railings, and would be stuck there crying all day until my parents or my brother got home. I guess I felt bad because we sort of neglected her. She probably could have been better off living with me in Davis, but I didn’t really want to have to take care of her.

I looked through my Picasa to find pix of Annie and Dannie, here is one of the few I could find of Annie. She was already going blind at this point. She always looked a little sad to me.

I couldn’t find any pictures of Dannie, so I searched for ‘Jindo’ on Google and found this picture. This is pretty much how Dannie looked, except that his fur was all white. He was a little fluffier, a little tubbier than Annie and almost always had this happy look on his face.

To my friends Dannie and Annie. Rest in peace. Sorry we weren’t such great owners to you guys. You guys deserved a lot better…

Things I’m thankful for:

  • Dogs. They really are man’s best friend, even when we aren’t such great owners to them.

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