too much bromance

It hadn’t dawned on me that Valentine’s day was approaching until I was seated at the restaurant and was handed a menu for the Valentine’s day special. Scanning the dimly lit dining room I noticed that most of the tables were filled with couples or pairs of couples. I wouldn’t think that a steakhouse with walls covered with deer heads would be a good choice for a romantic dinner– but then, what do I know about romance?

I guess I do know a little bit about the concept of bromance, though. If you’re unfamiliar with the concept, urban dictionary has some good definitions. Here are a few that I think are the most accurate:

A strictly non-sexual relationship between two completely heterosexual men that are close and enjoy each others’ company but still enjoy the company of women.

The intense complicated love shared between two heterosexual males that consists of but not limited to wrestling, numerous man-dates, and tons of other stories that will only remain between the two.

Dating back to Plato and Socrates, a close but non-sexual relationship between two men. The whole is greater than the sum of the individual parts.

Thinking back, there had been quite a lot of bromantic times at this particular restaurant, with lots of different friends.

The last time was in the middle of a moonlit motorcycle ride down the country roads between Davis and Winters with an old coworker. We split the special of the night, a beautiful three pound rib eye, which has been to this day the most beautiful piece of meat I have ever seen.

Another time was with a bicycling buddy. I think we were training for an upcoming epic bike ride to Bodega Bay and decided to do an evening ride out to Winters. I think that day’s special was a sirloin and a glass of wine. In between sips of Merlot and bites of steak I remember being asked, “Hey, Mike does your crotch hurt when you ride?” Such scintillating dinner conversation.

On Wednesdays they have an all-you-can-eat rib special. I biked out there with a few friends once. The dinner itself that wasn’t that bromantic, but the bicycle ride back home was. Biking by moonlight trying to hold back the puke from too much ribs– definitely a bromantic story.

And then there was tonight. After hiking up Cold Canyon to try and catch the sunset over Lake Berryessa, ending up at a restaurant surrounded by numerous happy couples. With V-Day approaching it made me realize this is where I am in life– too much bromance, not enough romance.

But I realize also, that it’s not all that bad. I am thankful for all my guy friends and all the adventures I’ve had over the years, from awesome road trips to epic bike rides to nearly¬†disastrous backpacking and snow camping trips.

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