granite bay

Today was my second time mountain biking at Granite Bay. I came out here once before with Dave and Jason, but we ended up not being able to ride all that much last time.

The scenery is nice at Granite Bay, even at the parking area. That being said, I don’t come here often, partly because parking is expensive and partly because the last time I came here I thought the trail was kind of boring.

Today I came out here with George, Lisa and Dave because we were looking for an easy ride. While I would still consider this a pretty easy ride, it’s not really as boring as I thought it was. There’s some decently challenging sections with tight and fast switchbacks, and there’s some rock gardens mixed in with the mostly dirt trail. It’s definitely a good place to learn to ride, since the penalty for messing up is not bad, unlike trails like Salmon Falls or Auburn Confluence where you can go over a cliff if you mess up. And there’s an interesting mix of scenery for such a short trail, from sandy beaches to rocky valleys to forested sections.

There were a good amount of people biking out there. Apparently it’s a pretty popular area to bike. Perhaps this is part of the reason why… Bwahaha so anyways I’m down to ride here again, especially if someone wants to try mountain biking for the first time.


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