final failed five

For New Year’s eve this year I signed up for the first annual resolution run. It’s a 5k night run in San Rafael, which is across the Golden Gate Bridge from San Francisco. I had heard about the run a while back, but kinda forgot about it until Jason sent me a discount code for half off the registration price. So we both signed up for the run pretty close to the registration deadline.

So on New Year’s eve afternoon I made the drive from Davis down to SF. I made it to San Francisco right at sunset. The last sunset of the year was quite beautiful, framed by the Bay Bridge and with the silhouette of the San Francisco skyline. The crappy cellphone picture I took through my dirty windshield while driving doesn’t do it justice.

I met up with Jason in SF and we had dinner. We went to a place called “Mandarin Islamic” or something like that. Their specialty was spicy lamb dishes. So we ended up ordering several spicy dishes. In hindsight I realize that eating spicy, greasy Chinese food before a run is a pretty stupid idea. I ended up getting a stomach ache during the run, and walked a good portion of it. One of these days I’ll finish running a 5k…

The sad thing is that I know I can run that distance, it’s always some random stupidity on my part that makes it so I can’t run the whole thing on the day of the event. Lately I’ve been using this app called MapMyRun. It’s pretty awesome, much better than the Nike+ app that I used to use. When you actually track your runs, it becomes pretty obvious when you’re being lazy. I obviously started the month off pretty lazily. So tracking the workouts automatically becomes motivation in and of itself. On the other hand, tracking your runs makes you realize how futile the whole running thing is– all that running and only 3121 calories burned?!?! seriously?!?!

Anyways, the event itself was pretty small, since it was its first year. It was kind of disappointing too, it was basically just a run through a mall parking lot. But it was still fun and it was still a good way to finish the year. I didn’t really take any pictures during the run, or of the after run festivities. But afterwards Jason and I headed to the BJs in the mall for a beer.

I did take a picture of that– My last beer of 2011. Hopefully this run is my final failed 5k run, here’s to hoping that I finish one in under 25 minutes in 2012. Cheers!

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