donner dining & dozing

The Donner pass area is named after the infamous Donner party, a group of explorers who set out to California to strike it rich. They spent a disastrous winter in the mountains near Tahoe, with almost half of the group dying of starvation. The group is infamous in that the survivors had to resort to cannibalism to survive.

Our weekend in Donner was nothing like that. For some reason this winter has been really weird, with almost no snow at all in the mountains. And if anything, we had way too much food. So with a few good friends in a rented cabin I spent the weekend eating, sleeping and playing games. So yea, I imagine that’s pretty much the exact opposite of how the Donner party spent their winter.

I think the idea for a hot pot cabin trip came up during out camping trip out at Emerald Bay way back in August– I had been looking forward to the trip ever since. It did not disappoint– it was without a doubt the most bountiful hot pot I had ever been to. Of course good food is nothing without good company, it was great just relaxing and hanging out with old friends.

We ended up playing the word game taboo. Since there was an equal number of guys and girls, we ended up doing a battle of the sexes, with the losers having to endure a terrible two stage punishment. The first stage was wall squats, whoever was able to endure a wall squat the longest would be spared from the second stage punishment. In the second stage the losers would have to drink a nasty concoction that the winners mixed.

Here is the end result. Isn’t technology great? Nowadays all of life’s embarrassing moments can be captured on cellphone to share with the world…

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