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During winter things seem to slow down a lot. There’s not a whole lot of outdoor activities that I enjoy in winter. There’s skiing, but as of yet there’s not a whole lot of snow in the Sierras. Then I guess there’s snow camping, which I’ve attempted once per year for the last few years. Other than that, there’s not a whole lot to do. I try to bike or jog every once in a while when I can build up enough motivation, or maybe play a round of golf if it’s not too cold, but other than that there’s not a whole lot going on. It’s almost like I’m a bear, hibernating through winter.

This weekend I didn’t have anything planned, so I decided to go down and spend time with my family in SF. My parents have different work schedules so I ended up spending time with them separately.

I find it interesting how different both my parents are. My mom likes to try different foods, but usually goes to places where she has a coupon for, which is usually IHOP. So on Saturday I had breakfast with my mom there. My dad pretty much sticks with the same thing over and over if it’s practical. So on Sunday I ate with him at the Chinese bakery/cafe a block from my house. They have a breakfast combo which includes some porridge, a side of noodles and a drink for $4.50. It’s cheap and filling, and it’s only a couple of minutes walk from our house, so it’s pretty practical. Even though my mom used a coupon, the meal with my dad still ended up being half as expensive.

I also find it interesting how I’m sort of a mix of my parents personalities. My love for travel and adventure comes from my mom but my introverted shyness and practicality come from my dad. It’s kind of a weird mix, but then I guess my parents are kind of a weird mix, and they used to clash a lot because of it. But I guess as they’ve gotten older they’ve sort of learned to live with each other and find some sort of middle ground.

The rest of the time in SF I spent hanging out with friends. My friend Chris had a second baby a little over a month ago, so I went to hang out with his family for a bit. His son Sammy is now two years old, and is starting to talk. But he calls me, “Muck,” I guess Mike is too hard to say for now.

For some reason Chris was always eager to teach me parenting skills, which for now have been going to waste. With Sammy he had taught me how to hold a baby, how to bathe him, and how to change a diaper. I guess with his new daughter Lily the lessons start again from the beginning.

Later on in the afternoon we joined up with another of my high school friends, Tim, to go run across the Golden Gate Bridge. We got lucky and it ended up being really nice out on the bridge. Usually it’s pretty cold, foggy, and windy– which usually makes for pretty terrible running conditions. It was only a fifteen minute run, less than two miles, but it felt a lot longer than that– maybe dodging slow tourists makes the workout a bit more intense. We ended up walking back.

Afterwards we threw a football around at Crissy field for a while. That reminded me a lot of high school, Tim and I would play football outside of the gym pretty often. My arm is not what it used to be– during my drive back up to Davis my elbow was hurting. Seems like I’m becoming a fragile old man now, I can’t even throw a football around for thirty minutes without being sore.

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