low key christmas

It seems that for many people the holidays are a stressful time. On many of the websites I regularly read there are articles about how to deal with holiday stress and depression. For me the holidays are one of the least stressful times of the year, largely because I don’t really celebrate them. My family used to celebrate Christmas and New Years, we had a Christmas tree with gifts underneath, and we bowed for money on New Years (a Korean tradition.) But for about the last decade or so, my family hasn’t really celebrated the holidays, aside from getting together over dinner.

This year I thought about buying a tree and decorating my house, but I decided against it since I didn’t have any ornaments anyways. And so I’m like the neighborhood grinch, my house is almost the only house on the block without any decorations whatsoever. For now, I’m totally fine with being the neighborhood grinch– I think Christmas is largely a family celebration anyways, and since I don’t really have any family in Davis, I don’t really decorate the house. I think if I ever did have family in Davis, I would go overboard with the lights and lawn decorations like many of the houses in my neighborhood. Well, maybe not that overboard. In my neighborhood there’s this one house that plays Christmas carols with synchronized lights. There’s another one that has it’s own radio station blasting Christmas carols all day. I wouldn’t go that overboard. But I’d at least put some lights up.

I think another reason why my family doesn’t really celebrate Christmas is because we just have too much stuff in general. My parent’s house is filled with stuff. When my bro moved back home this year, he didn’t want to live with my parents because there was basically no room for his stuff. So on Christmas day my bro and I drove my truck to Davis with a load of furniture to free up some space for his bedroom.

Other than that, I didn’t do a whole lot, other than the normal things I do. I went biking with friends and hung out with random people. It was a pretty low key Christmas vacation.

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