ninjas at night

In a few months I’ll be turning thirty, and so for my thirtieth birthday I was thinking of splurging a bit and getting a present for myself. I was debating between a new camera (the Pentax K-5) and some new lenses, or a new motorcycle (probably an SV-650 or something equivalent). This week my bro left his motorcycle in Davis and graciously allowed me to ride it. I had forgotten how awesome it felt to ride down the country roads around Davis on a motorcycle. I had been leaning more toward buying a new camera, but riding around on my bro’s bike has made me consider the motorcycle again.

Tonight I ended up playing with both my camera and the bike. I rode out with my sole riding buddy in Davis, Sam, who happens to also have a red Ninja. We rode out to a field on the edge of Davis. It was a couple of days after a full moon, so I figured it would be bright enough to take a picture of the bikes with some stars. I lined up with one of the few constellations I recognize, the big dipper, and took a 20 second exposure. It came out surprisingly ok.

I had come out to this same field last year and taken a star trail shot with Sam’s bike. The field was completely barren back then, but this year there was a field full of ripe tomatoes, so we had a little snack while we waited for my camera to expose the star pictures. Fresh vine ripened tomatoes are pretty awesome.

On the other side of the road was a field full of sunflowers. They look pretty creepy by moonlight, almost like a field of zombie plants. For some reason, sunflowers have always creeped me out, so I didn’t touch them, but Sam harvested some seeds to snack on. They were pretty tasty too.

So anyways, in the end I’m not sure if I’ll buy a camera or a motorcycle. I think I’m ok with just riding my bro’s bike from time to time. Besides, I already spent over a thousand bucks on my cyclocross bicycle earlier this year. It’s not quite the same as a motorcycle, but it’s a guilt free pleasure, unlike dropping several thousand bucks on a motorcycle. My camera is several generations old, and has gotten a decent amount of use, but it’s nowhere near crapping out on me. Even though the newer Pentax K-5 has a ton of features that I am really aching for, including better autofocus and tremendously better high ISO performance and dynamic range, I’m happy enough with my camera that I can wait a year or two before upgrading. So in the end I will probably cheap out and not buy anything, which I guess is the smart thing to do.

I guess that’s a sign of old age, I’m starting to actually become somewhat prudent. This whole responsible adult thing is new and uncharted territory for me. It’s actually somewhat scary how much my mentality has changed over the past few years. Probably up until last year I would’ve actually bought both the motorcycle and the camera, but now I’m starting to think more about the future. Instead of motorcycles and camera gear it’s 401Ks and Roth IRAs that I’m looking into. It’s kind of scary actually now that I think about it. I’m becoming a boring old man planning for when I’m an even older more boring man…

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