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Have you ever traveled across country in less than 30 minutes? Well here’s your chance. I got the chance to drive across country in June of last year. My friend Sam was traveling across country and needed an extra driver. We had rigged up a camera to take time lapse photos of the seven day drive, intending to make a video of the entire trip. I ended up uploading the first day’s drive on Youtube about a month after the trip, but forgot about all the rest. I finally uploaded the rest of the videos this week.

Day 1: Davis, CA to Salt Lake City, UT

Here you can see two idiots planning their trip, the drive over the mountains down into Reno, and the great Salt Flats before ending the night in Salt Lake City.

Day 2: Salt Lake City, UT to Worland, WY

This was my favorite day of the trip. We drove in four states that day: Utah, Idaho, Montana (only for about 30 minutes) and Wyoming. The highlight of the day was Yellowstone National Park. We drove past a bison (watch for it) and almost hit a deer (not sure if this was caught on camera.) Along the way we stopped at Old Faithful, Mammoth Hot Springs, and several other attractions, that’s why there are so many pauses in parking lots.

Day 3: Worland, WY to Sioux Falls, SD

We saw some cool stuff on this day too. We made a big detour north to go to Mount Rushmore. I think you can see it briefly in the video if you watch closely. Along the way we stopped at Sturgis, Wyoming, a big biker town and Devils Tower National Monument.

Day 4: Sioux Falls, SD to Kansas City, MO

The city of Sioux Falls is named after the waterfalls called Sioux Falls. Duh. We dropped by at the falls on our way out of town. The driving was pretty boring on this day, not much to see, just a whole lot of driving through the heartland of America.

Day 5: Kansas City, MO to Dayton, OH

The main attraction on this day was the Saint Louis Arch. If you look closely you can see part of it at around 1:35, but it’s mostly obscured by the rear view mirror. I remember in Saint Louis I had what is still to this day the best barbecue I’ve ever had in my life.

Day 6: Dayton, OH to Lancaster, PA

Not much to see here. In the morning we went to the big air force base in Dayton, then continued eastward. We drove across the Appalachian Mountains (which are more like rolling green hills) arriving in Amish Country at Night.

Day 7: Lancaster, PA to Florham Park, NJ

We started the day in Amish country. If you look closely you can see the Amish farmlands and can even see us passing an Amish buggy. The video cuts off before the end of the day because my intervalometer ran out of batteries so the camera stopped taking pictures. There’s not a whole lot to see out there anyways.

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