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So let’s do something different today. I will start today’s post off with a mathematical proof.

Haha just kidding. I don’t honestly believe this equation’s conclusion that girls are evil. OK, that’s a lie. I do believe girls are evil, but not for the reasons stated in this equation. (I believe both girls and guys are evil– that’s fair right?) The problem I have with this equation is the premise that time equals money.

Recently I’ve been hanging out with some of my old coworkers from CalPERS. I heard through them that my old team lead had retired. I thought for a while whether I wanted the job. I’m pretty happy with my current job– I like the work that I do and I have a lot of freedom. The only real problem I have is the pay. I made a lot more money at CalPERS because of all the overtime. Where I work now, there’s really no opportunity for overtime. I mentioned this during a conversation with one of my old coworkers. Here is his exact response, which I’ve pasted verbatim from the google chat log…

“But dont forget: Time is your only unrenewable Resource”

I never really thought about it before, but he’s right. Time is nonrenewable (apparently unrenewable is not a word but nonrenewable is). We can always work for more money, but we can never add a day to our lives, all we can do is manage our health to try to prolong our life.

This week a good friend of mine asked me to be a pallbearer for his grandmother’s funeral. His grandmother had lived to the amazing age of 98. My friend said that it made him realize that life is short. 98 years is not a short life by most people’s measure. 25 years is short. 27 years, 28 years, 31 years– those were short lives, lives that were taken away early by accidents, asthma, gastric cancer, lung cancer. That’s the other thing I’ve come to realize about time. It’s uncertain.

And so to revise my old coworker’s advice as a reminder to myself-

Don’t forget: Time is nonrenewable and Time is uncertain.

Things I’m thankful for:

  • Good advice and reminders from friends
  • The time that I’ve already had

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