two worlds

A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to lead bible study for small group. I think it’s been like a year since I’ve led. It’s funny- although I’ve been told by many people that I would be a good leader, I tend to avoid leadership as much as possible. I actually don’t mind leading all thaaaat much, it’s really only the planning portion that I don’t like. I don’t really like meetings and I don’t really like having to schedule things in advance. I enjoy leading bible study though, I enjoy prepping for them and I enjoy hearing everyone’s thoughts on the passage.

Over the years I’ve come to realize that there are really two types of leaders. There are leaders that set the vision and overall goals of an organization. They are the face of the organization, the ones that most people would think of when asked, “Who is the leader?” I call them the ‘generals.’ In the church/fellowship world they are the pastors and the core leaders of a fellowship. Then there is the second type of leader, the type that I most identify with and admire. I call them the ‘sergeants.’ They don’t really have a high position, but they lead by example. They put themselves in harms way along with the soldiers under their command. I don’t know if they really have a parallel in the church/fellowship world. I guess they are the ones that you kind of gravitate towards and look to for advice, even though they are not really a leader per se.

Anyways, that was sort of a random spiel. I’m not sure why I started writing about leadership. I guess my thought is that in a world where everyone wants to be a general, there aren’t enough sergeants. And what we really need are sergeants.

This post was titled ‘two worlds’ because I’ve been thinking about this recently– that it’s almost like Christians live in two different worlds. We have the secular world– for most people this world revolves around work or school. And then there’s the so called Christian world– the church, the fellowship, the bible studies, etc.

I see that in my own life too. It’s even apparent in my blogs. I have two of them, DT and MT. They originally stood for something. I think DT stood for ‘devotional thoughts.’ I think I originally was going to try to read a bible passage every day and write a short devotional every day. That was obviously way too ambitious a goal for a lazy person like me. I think MT stood for ‘miscellaneous thoughts,’ sort of all the rest of the junk that flowed in my brain, my empty thoughts (get it? MT = empty? bwahahaha….) Although I try to incorporate my faith into my empty thoughts once in a while, it’s pretty obvious that these blogs are two different worlds.

There are those who are able to bring both worlds together every day. They are the ones that I truly admire, although there are very few of them in my life. I don’t think I’m at that level yet. And so I will continue with both of these worlds. What I will try to do is be more consistent in DT, at least as consistent as this empty MT world. And who knows, maybe these worlds will cross from time to time.

Two worlds

Update (2013):

I’ve closed down the DT blog and folded the posts that I thought were worth saving into this blog.

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