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I started out this weekend without any plans whatsoever. I was sort of bummed out because it looked like it was going to rain all weekend. But the weather held up for most of the weekend, and it ended up being sort of an assortment of random mini adventures. The time I spent at home ended up with a lot of random thoughts running through my mind. There’s nothing really in common between all these random things, it’s sort of like a collage with no real underlying theme. So I guess what I’ll do is write out bits and pieces of my thoughts and activities from the weekend, then throw it all together into a random collage in picasa and see what happens.


On weekends I like to catch up on reading mangas. There’s really only two that I read, so it only takes about 15 minutes to catch up. The first one is a boxing manga called “Hajime no Ippo,” which translated means “The First Step.” In it there’s a character named Date Eiji, who is the reigning Japanese champion at the beginning of the series. He looks intimidating but he’s an easy going guy that most people look up to. He happens to be the same age as me, 29. He’s older than all the other boxers, but he trains harder than all of them so he’s in insanely good shape. It’s sort of motivation for me to get in shape. I guess the first step would be to get off my butt and hit the gym.

Joint Juice

So my first step was to hit the gym. It was my first time lifting weights in a while, since I was waiting for my shoulder to heal up. I didn’t even lift all that heavy, but all my joints were creaking and cracking. I guess it’s time for me to start drinking joint juice or taking some other glucosamine supplements.

Springtime of Youth

The other manga that I read on a regular basis is Naruto. In it there are two characters that are way over the top named Rock Lee and Might Guy. They have a slogan that they yell out often, “The Springtime of Youth.” This weekend I came to the sad realization that this is the last spring of my 20s. So in a way it is the end of my springtime of youth. So I’ve made up my mind to try to make the most of this spring.

Rainy Cycling

During the spring I start ramping up my cycling miles to train for the century rides I sign up for every year. Saturday morning I planned to go biking with a couple of guys, but it ended up being cancelled due to rain. I ended up going on my own anyways. I didn’t think it was all that muddy, but by the time I got home it looked like I crapped in my pants and splattered it up all over my vest. Like explosive diarrhea or mud butt. I’m gonna go with mud butt.

The Ranch

I went to the Ranch 99 in Sac for the first time. They have self serve dim sum there. If they had it in Davis I’d probably be 800 lbs by the end of the year. I went thinking I’d just eat dim-sum for dinner, but I ended up coming back with a bunch of groceries too. Yea it’s probably a good thing that it’s a bit of a drive for me to get there from my house…

Moonlight Motorcycling

I borrowed a motorcycle and went out riding by moonlight. I forgot how much I miss riding a motorcycle. There’s no greater sense of freedom than flying over the pavement in the dark. It’s still a little too cold though, my hands were completely numb by the time I got home. But it reminded me that I should get my motorcycle fixed so that I can ride around when summer comes around.

Knight’s Landing

Knight’s Landing is a small town about 20 miles north of Davis. It’s a good place to bike to as a training ride, since it’s close enough that I can ride hard most of the way there without burning out, but it’s far enough that I get a good sustained workout of over an hour each way. Plus it happens to have decent Mexican food. Ok fine.. The Mexican food was the real reason why Jiro and I rode out there.


Third time’s the charm. I’ve been to the Mexican joint in Knight’s Landing twice before hoping to try their menudo. Once they were closed, and once they were open but weren’t serving menudo– we made the mistake of going on a weeknight. Menudo’s usually only served on weekends. It was worth the wait. It was meaty and hearty, served with freshly cooked corn tortillas.

Chasing Waterfalls

In the afternoon I went hiking with Sam, looking for the mythical Zim Zim falls. We didn’t find it. It was kind of muddy. Kind of really muddy. We ended up hiking about five or six miles through the bush on the wrong trail. The directions to the trailhead said to park across from a green gate right before a creek after several low water crossings. The problem was all the gates were green, and we didn’t know what a low water crossing was.

Same Old Scenery

The scenery in Yolo isn’t really spectacular, most of the hikes I’ve been to out here are pretty similar, just rolling green hillsides. I brought my SLR but there wasn’t much to shoot out there. The only shot that I sorta like is this shot of the clouds through the trees, you can barely make out the rays of sunlight breaking through the clouds.

Creek Crossing

After we got back to the car, we decided to drive further up the road to find the real trailhead to the waterfall. We found it less than a mile up the road. We found the low water crossings too. Your car literally crosses through low water. Low water crossing. Now I get it… Makes perfect sense. By then it was almost sunset, so we decided to just head back to Davis.

Wine Tasting

On Monday I went to Amador County for wine tasting with some friends. It was kind of meh. I wonder if this is a case of the ‘symbolic complex’ I wrote about a few posts ago. I wasn’t expecting much from the wineries in Amador County, I wonder if that affected my judgment in tasting the wines out there. There were no wines that I really really liked, and no spectacular deals on cases. Not at all like that one time Jim, Jiro and I randomly went biking and randomly ended up at a winery in West Davis. That time I found a Port wine that I truly loved and we ended up splitting a case of Merlot at $4 a bottle with Sam, who drove in to rescue Jim. I guess in that instance there was no symbolic complex, since we weren’t even planning on going to a winery in the first place.

Taco Tasting

I didn’t much enjoy the wine tasting, but I did enjoy the taco tasting. Jack, Jim and I ended up in the second car. We didn’t buy any wines, but we ended up eating at three different taco trucks. I think driving to all the taco trucks in Yolo county would be a fun trip. Plus at $1.25 a pop, it’s not too hard on your wallet. I imagine it could be pretty hard on your stomach though….

The Collage

So it ended up being an interesting weekend for me. Totally random, just like the collage.

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