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Yelp is one of my favorite websites. That’s probably not a good thing, since it contributes largely to my overall rotund physique. Finding new places to eat definitely makes it harder to lose that roundness that I’ve been exhibiting lately. Nevertheless, the Sacramento Weekly Yelp newsletter is one of the few email newsletters that I actually subscribe to and read. This morning’s newsletter, “Buffet, the Hunger Slayer,” would be particularly damaging to my diet (which I actually haven’t even started yet.) I tried to resist reading it, but ended up reading it cuz I wanted to see how much of a Sac buffet expert I am.

The Yelp Weekly newsletter takes excerpts from different people’s reviews and combines them all into a neat little package that makes for interesting and hunger inducing reading. This morning I found that they featured one of my reviews, which actually wasn’t even for a true buffet place.

Back down on earth, and back when Mike H was in college, he presented “a plan for a buffet.” His idea? “I’d weigh people when they came in, weigh people when they left and charge them based on the difference. Needless to say, the plan had holes.” But LOB Café scores an A+ for putting a twist on the concept: “They weigh the food instead of the customers… why didn’t I think of that?” We’re not quite sure, buffessor Mikey.

Towards the end of last year I was contemplating writing a bunch of reviews and making a run at becoming a 2011 Yelp elite member. But I ended up not doing it for a few reasons– one was that I didn’t think I had enough lunch/dinner buddies, two was that it’s expensive, three because I don’t wanna be even more round than I am now, and finally four because I’m lazy. The main reason is because I’m lazy. You’d think that since I like to write and I like to eat, writing about food would come naturally. But that’s far from the case. Partially it’s because by the time I get to a computer after a good meal my brain is mush. But mostly it’s because I feel like it’s hard to really contribute anything meaningful when there are already a ton of reviews out there. So the few places that I end up reviewing are ones that are relatively unknown.

After getting featured in the newsletter, though, I’m thinking I should have made an effort to become Yelp elite. I already felt like there’s a dearth of good reviewers in the Sacramento area, this just reinforced the fact. So now I’m thinking I should forget about losing weight and instead attempt to join the ranks of the Sacramento Yelp elite.

So uhhhhh……. Who wants to go eat?

Oh and that buffessor Mikey title they bestowed upon me in the email newsletter? I think it’s pretty legit. I can proudly (or sadly?) say that I have been to all the buffets mentioned in the email.

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  1. congrats buffessor!! this post makes me want to start writing yelp reviews…and take picture of everything i eat…

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