the peak

Hello Mike

It’s your belly speaking. We’ve had a good run this year. We’ve had some good food including:

  • incredibly moist and flavorful barbecued ribs in Saint Louis
  • delightfully spicy gumbo in New Orleans
  • remarkably tender brisket in Kansas City
  • somewhat disappointing Philly cheesesteaks in Philly
  • cheap but good korean barbecue buffet in socal
  • finally getting to try the world’s deadliest catch, Alaskan King Crab
  • the epitome of American gluttony found in the best Las Vegas buffets
  • some serendipitously found awesome beer, the season cherry blossom festival only available during our national cherry blossom festival in Washington DC

Yes it’s been a gluttonous year. November was especially fattening, what with you and your bro’s birthdays (and their requisite buffet dinners), on top of leftover Halloween candy and of course the feast fest of Thanksgiving.

And so now we’ve hit a new high, a pinnacle, a maximum. A peak if you will. Together we are the fattest we have ever been. It’s time to start hitting the gym and lifting weights again. It’s time to start hiking and biking more. It’s time to bust out your commuter bike and haul your butt into work on it, because you’ve spent a lot of money to get it ready for that. It’s time to come down from that peak that we never really wanted to hit. I know you don’t really hate doing any of those things, it’s just that you like eating a buffet and rolling around in bed a lot better. I feel you. But seriously, it’s time to come down from that peak.

Your pal,

Big Belly

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