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Some random thoughts from my weekend in the bay…..

When I go back to the bay, I usually bring my road bike. One of the things I love doing is biking out on Canada road, which parallels the Crystal Springs reservoirs. Sundays are especially nice because they close the road to cars, so it’s just bikers and runners out there. This time I went on a Saturday. The Davis Foxy’s Fall Century is a week from Saturday, so this was sort of a last ditch effort to train. I originally planned to bike down Canada road to Old La Honda road, the area’s big bad hill. But Tim and I ended up being too lazy, so we ended up just biking down to the end of Canada. Only 16-17 miles total, probably not enough to even burn off the two pork buns I ate as fuel. MMmmm… pork buns… I think they’re the perfect biking fuel- good mix of carbs + protein + fat. Enough to sustain me for a long ride, if I actually went for a long ride…..

So instead of being a massive training session for my century ride, Saturday ended up being a massive eating day. In addition to those pork buns for breakfast, I had shabu shabu for lunch, and then Korean barbecue for dinner.

Some of the earliest memories I have are of my family going to Korean barbecue restaurants. Back then my dad was the designated grill man, and over 25 years later he’s still the Hong family’s grill master. Palace is a buffet style place, so he kept reminding us, “Don’t fill up on the cheap stuff. Eat the meat. That’s why we’re here.” Excellent advice from the family grill boss.  If I ever have a son, I will definitely need to pass on those words of wisdom.

For the rest of the weekend I helped my bro and dad fix the downstairs bathroom. At one point I needed to go to Lowe’s to pick up some construction adhesive. I ended up buying a large tube, thinking we would need it later. When I got home I found that the caulk gun was too small for those large tubes. So I went back to the store to return the tube and get a smaller one. When I explained why to the person at the register, she started laughing like crazy.

I didn’t realize until later why she was laughing. I have trouble pronouncing certain words, caulk is one of them. I have trouble with that ‘L’ sound before the ‘K’ sound. In retrospect I could see how this would be really funny. How often does a guy admit that his cock-gun is too small for the job?

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  • October 12, 2010 at 2:37 pm

    HAHAHA, Cock gun huh…hahahah, extra small please, hahahahhahaha


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