musical fruit

Today my work had their annual Halloween costume party and chili cook off. I was planning to be my usual boring old party pooper self, planting myself in my cubicle while the festivities went on in the conference room upstairs. At random I got a call asking if I wanted to be a chili judge. So I decided ,”Why not?” It’s not often that you get a free meal.

There were twelve entries this year. They were all decent, and some were incredibly good. I was quite impressed. My favorite two were actually pretty light, both used chicken instead of beef or pork, and both were pretty light on the beans.

Speaking of beans, did you know that they are the musical fruit? Apparently the more you eat, the more you toot. My limited experience on the matter confirms this to be true. Now I am back at my desk, waiting for the musical symphony of toots to begin.

OK so this was a pretty pointless post. I actually have a lot of stuff on my mind lately, but they’re all kind of in a jumble so I haven’t really been feeling like writing. Perhaps when I gather my thoughts together I will write something better.

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