last leg

Almost exactly two weeks ago, I arrived in Southern California to start this ridiculous vacation. Thinking back upon the last couple of weeks, I realize that it’s been a pretty amazing journey. I basically hit all four American coasts, fishing the Pacific Ocean, flying over the so called northern coast (the great lakes region), landing by the Atlantic Ocean in New York, and driving to the southern gulf of Mexico coast at New Orleans. I’ve slept in the barren Mojave desert when we stayed at Joshua Tree, but also stayed at the extreme opposite in the mega metropolises of New York and Los Angeles. I’ve scrambled to the top of peaks, hiked down into canyons, and wandered deep down into caves. It feels like I’ve done it all. Now all that’s left is the drive back home to Davis.

They say a picture’s worth a thousand words, so here’s the equivalent of one hundred sixteen thousand words to sum up my vacation.

And here’s another fifty one thousand. These were taken on my cellphone.

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