one day at a time

Two weeks of vacation. Day one just ended. I still don’t know what’s going on for the rest of the vacation. All I know is that it involves picking up an RV tomorrow, driving to Arizona, flying from Arizona to New York, driving from New York to California.

We left Davis around 10 last night, after a quick dinner stop at Yummy Guide we finally arrived at Hang’s place in Santa Monica at around 5am. We took turns driving, I had the last shift. The last 15 minutes of the drive were probably the hardest I’ve ever had behind a steering a wheel. It was a struggle keeping my eyes open and I started to have that weird tunnel vision from driving too long at night.

Hang’s place is cozy. He lives in a small studio, and with all of us sprawled out on the floor, we basically took up the entire floor. It was almost like a game of tetris, trying to claim our spots on the floor. Quite cozy. Someone had loud obnoxious gas. Probably me. But more likely Gid. Cozy.

Most people know that I’m not a humongous fan of SoCal. But there’s one thing I always need to do, which is hit up some Korean food. Near Hang’s place there’s an all you can eat KBBQ place for 16 bucks. I was quite impressed. It might have reduced my hatred of SoCal a bit.

After Sunday service we took a short walk around UCLA. It’s a pretty nice campus. I think UCD would be nicer if it had some rolling hills like UCLA. To me UCD lacks character, the lack of hills and relatively few old style building are probably why.

We ended up having dinner at Uncle Yu’s Indian Chinese restaurant. We pictured them having some sort of Indian Chinese fusion food, which I took to mean some sort of funky curry. It ended up being straight Taiwanese food, the Indian part being that the cute asian waitresses were all wearing skimpy American Indian “costumes.” It was interesting. I kinda wished they had more theme restaurants around Sac.

I really wanted to hike up to the Hollywood sign and grab a hot dog at Pink’s. But I found I didn’t have enough energy, so I just crashed in my little Tetris square. Tomorrow we might head out there. Not sure. Aside from picking up the RV, we have no real plan. Just going one day at a time.

3 thoughts on “one day at a time”

  1. Haha, funny thing, I’ve been to Indian before! There are a whole bunch of other “themed” Taiwanese places in LA. There’s a pirate one, an elementary school one, etc.

  2. yay ucla! go bruins :). pink’s is no big deal. 😛 And I never went to the hollywood sign the whole 4.5 years I was there. booo..

    i hope you guys catch a fish on your trip!!

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