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I wonder if it’s weird to admit this… I’m not anywhere close to having kids or even being married, but I already have the name picked out for a daughter. If I ever have a daughter, I’m going to name her Auburn. Her middle name’s going to be Connie. Auburn Connie Hong. Not bad right? I don’t care what any of the other kids are named. In fact it’s probably better that the future wife, whoever she may be, names any sons; because the only names I can think of are Ding Dong and King Kong. King Kong Hong, at times that’s what I wished my name was growing up…. but I guess unless I’m setting up my future son to be a bully, he should have a relatively normal name.

Anyways, back to Auburn Connie. She’d be named after the Auburn Confluence area, one of my favorite places in Northern California. I have lots of good memories at that place, both in a large group setting and in smaller groups of two and three. It’s also one of the few places where I am happy going alone. All I need there is my mountain bike and my car.

Today I had a day off because of the governator’s mandated furloughs. It was the first Friday I’ve had off in a long time where I didn’t have anything already planned. It was a beautiful day out, so I knew I wanted to get outdoors, but I couldn’t find anyone to play outside with. It was too beautiful a day to waste indoors, so I decided to head out to Auburn Connie area alone.

They say introverts get recharged when they spend time alone. I already knew I was pretty introverted, but today I realized how much I can enjoy time alone. Don’t get me wrong, I love being outdoors with people, and always wish I had more friends who mountain bike. And I’d gladly teach someone if they desire to go. But it seems like I’m smack dab in the middle when it comes to ability. There are a few guys that I ride with that go at pretty much the same pace, but none of them were available today. The rest of the times it seems like I’m usually either waiting for other people, or if I go with the BAS group, I’m that one token asian guy that all the hardcore bikers are waiting for. Going alone was pretty nice today. It was nice going at my own pace (slow uphill and tearing down the descents,) and nice when I could stop whenever I wanted. I thought I’d be done around 2 or 3, but I actually finished my run around noon.

I knew a little farther down highway 49 in a city named Cool there were some good trails, so I decided to see if I could find them for future rides and hikes. Unfortunately when I got there I found that neither of my GPSs were of any help. I forgot that when I loaded up my topo maps for Sardine Lake I deleted the Auburn and Placerville topos. I had google maps navigation on my phone, but not enough data signal to load any maps. Dahhhh, technofail. I ended up driving down 49 all the way into Placerville.

The stretch of highway 49 from Auburn to Placerville is one of my favorite drives. There were few cars on the road today, and because I didn’t have to worry about a carsick passenger I was able to go pretty fast on the curves. My Subaru isn’t the fastest car, but it’s fun to drive on mountain roads since it handles really well. I had a blast bumping Neyo, Jason DeRulo and Chris Brown while shifting through the gears and accelerating through curves. Good times.

One of my favorite songs is Chris Brown’s Forever….

It’s you and me…. moving at the speed of light into eternityyyyyyyyyy….. If you didn’t know, that song’s about me and my Subaru….

Anyways I forget where I was going with this ridiculously long, rambling post. If you made it this far you must be really bored. If you’re bored and ever want to visit Auburn Connie just let me know. I’m always down to hike or bike there. It’s a happy place.

5 thoughts on “happy place”

  1. lol, i love the idea of kingkong. you can try the name “bonk!”…it’s pretty cool too.
    according to tf2 pedia…This meme consists of remixes of various songs in which the Scout’s “Bonk!” and “Boink!” voice clips are played in synchronization to the song. The most popular of these songs is Mortal Kombonk, which has over 1,087,177 views.

  2. hahaha mike, you’re actually a pretty good writer…as introverts often are. 🙂 *thumbs up*

    too bad i am in terrible shape just plopped in fron of the computer all day. I really feel it when I stretch in the middle of the day and i feel my heart racing. hahahah

  3. 😀 glad you got to spend your day outdoors. Now I kinda want to try mtn biking..

    Hmm if I named my daughters after my favorite place… Ingrid n Auschwitz….

    Yeah.. that doesn’t work out too well.

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