beginning of the end

It’s the beginning of the end, but with the end comes a new beginning. It’s my final week at CalPERS before starting a new job in web development at another state agency.

I still remember the first time I stepped foot at CalPERS Lincoln Plaza. I remember parking in the garage and then walking up the stairs around the glass tower thinking, “What is this place? The building is crazy…” Since I worked in field service before, I had visited a lot of corporate campuses. If you name a Fortune 500 company, chances are I’ve been at one of their locations to fix a computer there. A lot of these companies had really cool buildings, but still there was something special that stood out about this building that made me want to work here.

It’s almost three years later and I still think there’s something special about the work environment here. The environment is so relaxed, the facilities are awesome, and the people are all really cool. I will definitely miss working here.

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  1. not really… closer to ucd med center. near where stockton and alhambra meet… at least i’ll be closer to good pho…

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