moonlight motorcycle

Sitting on a dirt road in the middle of nowhere playing sudoku on my phone– that’s what I was doing on a cold Thursday summer night. My camera was snapping away at regular intervals. 30 second exposures. 50 of them. So the very least amount of time I could’ve spent out there was 25 minutes. Waiting on the dirt road wasn’t the worst part though. The worst part was riding home in the cold. I was only wearing a thin jacket, so I was shivering on the entire ride back.

All that time and effort to take this one shot. It wasn’t really worth it. At least the stars came out better than last time. And at least now I figured out how to take these sort of pictures, so the next time I go backpacking I’ll be ready…..

3 thoughts on “moonlight motorcycle”

  1. oh yeah…. uhhh if you couldn’t tell from the picture, i borrowed your bike…. it’s worth it though… you can use the picture for the ad if you end up selling your bike..

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