a new low?

For the past month or so, every time I’ve walked into my house I’ve thought, “What the hell is that smell?” Today I figured it out. Near the entrance to my house I found a two month old bag of bait from my fishing trip to Fort Bragg in June.  That stuff smells bad when it’s “fresh” outta the box. It’s probably a hundred times worse when it’s been sitting in a warm house for two months.  Luckily it was in a sealed ziploc bag, so the smell wasn’t as potent as it could be. I wasn’t curious enough to open it.

That reminds me of some past experiences in college. I’m trying to decide which one is the worst out of all of them….

There was the time when I moved out of Sequoia. I hadn’t done my laundry in months, and it was just sitting on the carpet in a big pile in a corner of my room. I started to toss it into garbage bags to take to my new home. Near the bottom of the pile I found a dead mouse. I actually kind of felt sorry for it, suffocating under a pile of stinky laundry has gotta be one of the worst ways to die…

Or there was the time when a couple of friends came over to my place. It was kinda late at night and they were looking for some grub. They looked in the fridge and didn’t find anything at first glance. Then they made the mistake of opening the drawer at the bottom of the fridge. Apparently one of my roommates had bought a bunch of fruits and veggies and stored them in the bottom drawer. Of course in college I didn’t know what fruits and veggies were, so I never really opened the bottom drawer. So anyways that roommate had bought all that stuff, but then left for the summer, leaving all that stuff to rot into a beautiful black garbage stew, which my hungry friend discovered. I’m pretty sure he lost his appetite… Since I was the last person to move out of that place, I had the privilege of cleaning up that mess. Because of that, I think I’m immune to all sorts of bio-hazardous materials now.

So now that I think about it, this recent bait incident is not nearly as bad as the stuff in college. I guess that means I’m slowly growing up and maturing….

5 thoughts on “a new low?”

  1. the mouse under the dirty laundry, definitely that one! it tops all of them. that is truly disgusting. i would’ve died, or at least passed out if i saw some’ like that.

  2. oh yeah… it’s amazing what kind of stuff grows in a rice cooker… first it turns fuzzy. then it turns into this nasty black juicy stuff…. i’ve had to clean that crap up way too many times.

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