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Sometimes I stay late at work and decide to eat in Sac before heading back to Davis. Usually in those cases I end up going to Seoul. It’s one of the few places where I feel ok eating alone, probably because it feels more homey, and it’s usually pretty empty, and the waitress lady is really nice and remembers which ban-chans (side dishes) I like, so she always gives me extra. Last time I went there alone, she made this remark, “I guess it’s time for you to get married….”  I just kind of smiled and laughed it off, which was followed by an awkward silence as she went to get me more kimchee.

At my work there are a few Korean people that I hang out with.  They’re all a little older than me, so I look up to them as my hyung or noona (older bro / older sis). Lately the topic’s been the same with them. Well the topics the same, the delivery is a little bit different. With them it comes more as unsolicited dating advice. Some of it’s decent, some of it’s bad. Some of it’s just plain weird. “Come speed dating with me Mikey, pick up some cougars…..”  I didn’t know how to respond to that one. Awkward silence.

Some people say that I’m a man of few words, I guess I get that from my dad. (I honestly don’t think I’m that quiet… I am quiet in large group settings, but that’s mostly because I prefer smaller groups.) My dad hardly talks at all. When we eat dinner or play golf, we usually eat or play in pretty much total silence. But lately he’s found something to talk about. Every time I see him he asks me when I’m getting married. The exact same question every single time, to which I reply, “uhhh I don’t know….” Then we resume our awkward silence. It’s weird too, because he always asks me in Korean. Probably 99% of the time he talks to me in English, but this question he asks me in Korean, as if asking in Korean makes it more serious.

This past Saturday I played golf with him. He asked the usual question, “When am I getting married,” to which I replied with my usual, “uhhhh I don’t know…..” But this time instead of following with a long awkward silence, he kept talking about how he’s going to Korea this fall and how he has all these friends who have daughters who are close to my age….. I actually kinda preferred the awkward silence.

So anyways that topic has been coming up a lot lately. I had dinner with a friend yesterday. Same topic. Hmm…. he happened to be Korean. Maybe it’s a Korean thing.

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  1. “as if asking in Korean makes it more serious.”

    that is hilarious. my parents pretty much speak to me in taiwanese regardless of topic but i know things are getting serious when it switches to mandarin. fortunately for me, that’s when i start not being able to understand much 😀

  2. It’s a Korean thing. It’s funny how people you don’t know give you unsolicited advice. I wonder if you can say to them, gee, you need plastic surgery at Apjugeong… can I recommend a famous plastic surgeon to you? 🙂

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