minding my business

At my work there are three buildings. I work in the west building, which is mostly filled with nerdly IT computer types like me. The east building is the building where all the professional looking finance people work. On the third floor between the two buildings is a bridge. Since I work in the west building but most of the people I support are in the east building, I cross that bridge many times a day. Which makes sense, since I usually have business in that building.

I noticed the other day that there’s a guy that works in the east building who crosses that bridge at about the same time every day, which I thought was weird, since he really doesn’t have any business in my building. What I found out was that he was walking over here to do his “business.”

I guess working in the world of finance you have to maintain a professional appearance, which I imagine would be kind of hard if somebody caught you coming out of the bathroom after a smelly dump. Not me though. I’m glad I don’t have to maintain that image. In fact, sometimes after a particularly big and smelly bit of business I smile a bit as I leave the bathroom, thinking about the pour hapless fellow who has to use that toilet after me.

The only times I really get embarrassed are at those restaurants where they only have a single co-ed bathroom. Walking out of one of those bathrooms after a particularly big and smelly bit of business and seeing a cute girl waiting to use the bathroom next quickly turns that little smile into a red tomato faced shy grin.

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