a cure for global warming

One hundred and two degrees. That’s how hot it was Friday afternoon. Instead of sitting in my air conditioned cubicle, I was out mountain biking a dusty trail by Folsom lake. Probably not the smartest trade ever, but I will take that trade any day.

The Dike 8 trail is supposedly the easiest trail in the whole region, a good pick since dho brought his little buddy Franklin along for the ride. It was a relatively easy ride compared to the usual rides we do like Salmon Falls or Auburn Confluence but the heat was really sapping our strength. The total round trip was only about seven or eight miles, but by the end we were completely exhausted. Well all except for Franklin, who wanted to keep on riding.

Little boys have an amazing amount of energy. There must be a way to harness that energy to benefit mankind. I suggest we create bikes with generators hooked up to them, hook them up to the power grid, and get an army of kids to ride them. That would give America a renewable, abundant, clean energy source. Actually I take that last one back, little boys aren’t exactly clean. But anyways, it would be a great source of electricity, which would help in solving global warming. Plus it would solve America’s childhood obesity problem. Two birds with one stone. Awesome.

On another note, I bought a “new” bike that week, and so I was really excited to test it out. Actually it was about 7 years old, but the frame was in good shape. A full suspension from a reputable mountain bike company for under $300– I could not resist. I probably would’ve been ok spending that much on just a decent FS frame. I knew there were going to be some minor things that I would want to fix, but unfortunately I didn’t get a chance to ride it much. Franklin ended up riding it most of the day. He did pretty well for his first time riding, I was pretty impressed. I only had one minor gripe. Of all the places he could’ve picked to park the bike, he laid it down in a pile of horse crap. Sometimes kids boggle my mind….

So anyways I went riding on Saturday and Sunday to test out the bike. I was actually quite happy with it. For a while I had been looking into buying a second mountain bike so I can take more people out without having to keep borrowing bikes. This one slots in well next to my Bianchi. It’s a 13″ frame, so it will fit people that are smaller than me, whereas the Bianchi’s 17″ will fit people that are a little taller than me. I’m really looking forward to getting both bikes fixed up and going on more rides throughout the summer and fall.

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  • July 20, 2010 at 9:43 am

    awwww hahaha I’m so glad you got to ride with Franklin. I’m also glad I didn’t get a random phone call! haha 🙂


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