the end of an epic journey

We spent the night at my old college roommate Chris’s place in New Jersey.  It was pretty cool catching up with him.  His son Sam is really cute, and grew a lot bigger since the last time I saw him.  In the morning we took the train into New York City with him, since he works in the city.

I never really understood the appeal of New York City.  It’s really dirty and smelly there, and really really crowded.  I had done most of the touristy stuff on my last visit to New York City, so there wasn’t really much I wanted to do.  Plus I was really exhausted by now. We went to Ground Zero and Times Square in the morning, had lunch with Chris, then went to the Guggenheim museum which I missed on my last visit to New York. Afterwards I was too tired to do anything else, so I went to the airport early and took a nap at the gate. A peaceful end to an epic journey.

Pictures from the trip are here:

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