Lancaster, PA to Florham Park, NJ

Our car broke down in Amish country so we were forced to ride a buggy to the nearest car repair shop, which was over a hundred miles away.  We couldn’t find afford a horse though, so we had to take turns pulling the buggy.

Haha just kidding.  We took this picture at a little Amish tourist trap.  We took a tour through an old Amish home.  I learned that Amish people live a simple lifestyle because of a verse in the bible which they interpret as meaning they should be separate from the world.  They are not allowed to have electricity or municipal water because those require lines that are connected from house to house, which would violate that separation from the world.  They are allowed to have modern conveniences as long as they find a different way to power them, they have Amish craftsmen whose soul job is to modify modern appliances to run on compressed air, which they use a gas compressor to create.

While in Amish country I learned a lot about Intercourse, which I studied up on during our drive to Philadelphia.

We made a quick stop in Philadelphia to eat at Geno’s, the famous cheesesteak place.  It was pretty good, but I guess it was not as good as it was hyped up to be.  I was surprised that it didn’t have any peppers.  Every other cheesesteak I’ve ever eaten has had peppers on it.  Plus it was super expensive, $8 bucks.  The margins for that place must be so fat, they must be swimming in dough.

Afterwards we made a quick stop at the Liberty Bell, but the line was too long for us to go inside and see it up close.  Sam needed to get to Florham Park by 5pm to get the keys to his dorm.

So Lancaster ended up being more developed that I thought it would be, New Jersey ended up being the opposite.  Being so close to New York City, I was expecting New Jersey to be a humongous mega-metropolis, but all of New Jersey that we drove through had a very small town rural feel to it.  We finally got to our destination, Farleigh-Dickinson University at around 3:30 in the afternoon.  Farleigh-Dickinson….. haha that name still cracks me up.  The university’s as small and backwards as it sounds… No offense to any Farleigh-Dickinson graduates out there…..

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