breathe easy ride

Today I rode in the 2010 Breathe Easy ride, a charity bike ride for the American Lung Association. My buddy Tim put together a team of bike riders to ride in memory of his sister Jenne, who passed away last year from lung cancer. Altogether his team raised over $5000 for the organization.  I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of my friends who donated for this ride.

I was pretty tired, having just flown in from New York the night before, and because I didn’t get much sleep the entire week during the crazy road trip.  Even thought on paper it looked to be a flat ride, there were a lot of rolling hills on this ride, which tired me out pretty quickly.  It’s funny how a bike ride never really looks too bad on paper.  I seriously thought that this was going to be an easy ride.  I guess it doesn’t help that I’m pretty out of shape these days.  After the third rest stop, we somehow missed a turn and looped back to the third rest stop.  We decided that we would just try to ride back to the start, but we missed the turn to head back to the start and ended up riding on highway 1 for a bit.  It was tiring, but the scenery was really beautiful.  I could tell that we were getting pretty close to the ocean, but we decided to try and find the correct turn to return back to the start.  Someday when I have more time and more energy I will return and bike a large stretch of highway one.

Anyways we found our way back, and by the time we got back to the start we had biked about 76 miles.  That’s pretty crazy considering the course was only 66 miles and we only rode about two thirds of it.  Even though we didn’t finish it felt like a great accomplishment, and it was cool that it was for a good cause.  It was amazing seeing all the riders get together in memory of Tim’s sister and it was heartwarming seeing all the wives and kids of the team members there at the finish line. The ride back to Davis was about an hour and half.  I’m used to driving long distances alone, but for some reason this drive felt way longer than it should have.  All this happy family stuff has got my mind in a funk. Perhaps I’m not as much a loner as I thought…

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