another fishing fail

On paper our plan looked perfect.  Dave and I would finally catch a fish.  Since we would be on a boat and the boat would basically be parked on top of the fish, there would be no way for us to fail.  Since we would be using the boat’s equipment, we wouldn’t be able to blame our equipment either.  They would have bait for us too.  Basically there was no way that we would go home empty handed this time.  Or so we thought.

We arrived at Fort Bragg harbor on Saturday afternoon.  As we walked to the shop, I can hear the sea lions barking.  It sounded really close.  It was.  I was literally standing 10 feet away from a sea lion.  Awesome.  Unfortunately it swam into the water before I could get a good shot of him.

I got excited as I approached the boat.  I kept thinking there’s no way we could fail this time.  I mean we’re on a freaking boat.  Anyways we checked in with the captain and made sure we would be able to go out in the morning.  Then we asked if there were any places where we could fish from shore.  We ended up going to a place called MacKerricher state park, right outside of town.  It was absolutely gorgeous out there, with beautiful tide pools to explore and an incredible beach.  I’ll definitely need to go back there again.  We fished from the rocks in a protected shoreline area.  Within about 10 minutes Jim caught a fish. Dave and I caught lots of seaweed.  But no fish.  But we weren’t worried, we definitely would catch fish on the boat.

The next morning we woke up bright and early and headed out to the boat.  When we got there we found out that the trip was cancelled.  They needed 6 people for the boat to go out.  Jim, Dave and I were 3, and apparently there was another group of 3 that cancelled at the last minute.  So no go for the boat.  Bummer.  So Dave and I went home without a fish again.  But all in all it was worth it.  Mackerricher state park was definitely worth it.  We will return and definitely catch a fish next time.

Pictures from the trip are here.  I didn’t bring a camera, so these pics were all taken on my cellphone.

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